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About us

Welcome to Amara!

We'll admit it - we're idealists. We believe in equality, and we envision a world where style co-exists with ethics, and where everyone has a voice. 

How do we get there? It starts with searching for the coolest modern and boho handmade pieces ethically sourced from around the globe.

But that's just the beginning. Everything has a story - the story of who made it, their culture, talents, struggles and traditions. By telling the stories of global makers, we contribute to a culture of transparency, connection, equality and understanding. And we could all use more of that.

Every core line we carry aligns with at least 2 of our values:

    • Support artisans in economically challenged areas

    • Provide alternatives to the sex trade or human slavery

    • Provide fair wages and education and training opportunities to artisans

    • Empower women 

    • Use sustainable materials, ethically sourced
    • Align with or give part of profits to a cause-driven non-profit organization

Thanks for joining us! Let's create a shopping experience where every purchase tells a story of empowerment and connection. 

With love and hope,

Angela Griffin-Meyers

Angela Griffin-Meyers



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