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Amara pop-up shop coming Oct. 9!

 I'm so excited to launch this website and this business!

It's the culmination of bits and pieces of who I am, and who I want to be.

My passion for empowering and telling the stories of strong women began in graduate school, where I had the opportunity to meet and interview some amazing African American "granny" midwives. These women not only delivered babies, they were a wealth of cultural traditions, stories, recipes and traditional medicine. Their stories and strength still inspire me, and their communities are richer places because of their dedication.

Shortly after having my son, I had another opportunity to connect with a group strong women. This time it came through a childhood friend living in Kenya. Heidi worked with a women's AIDS support group who had plenty of time, but lacked employment opportunities. They made scarves and paper beads, Heidi got them to me, and I sold them to local retailers. Heidi moved back to the US, but she and I  are connected through our shared a passion for travel, beauty and global women's issues. Today she has another business that I'm proud to partner with - Safari Blankets. I'll be selling her hand made Safari blankets at the shop.

The theme deepened through a contract opportunity at World Pulse, a local non-profit helping to empower women on a global scale. As I reviewed the new website, I was overwhelmed by the stories of courageous women across the globe, bravely facing cultural and political oppression for the sake of their future and their children's future.

One day, after a lot of dreaming and exploring, these threads came together in the form of Amara. Our focus is on making connections between how we shop and what we value.

I don't feel completely prepared for the shop or website to launch. I have a long list of more content to add, pictures, tags, products to research. And I definitely lack the courage of the strong women who inspired me. But this is an amazing opportunity, and I'm so excited for you to join me! 

We open at Boysfort - "Beyond the Fort" on Oct. 8.

Hope you can make it to the open house on Oct. 9 from 3-6:00PM!

Beyond the Fort in Boysfort - 
902 SW Morrison Street
Portland, Oregon 97205
(Corner of 9th & Morrison)

Tue – Sat: 11am – 6pm
Sun – Mon: Noon - 5pm

Thank you for being part of this!


Angela Griffin-Meyers


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